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Malta Honeymoons

Over time, Malta has been ruled by The Romans, Arabs, Normans, Knights of St John, the French and The British.

Malta & Gozo are two of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the Mediterranean for clearly obvious reasons! In case you need a reminder.clear blue skies, turquoise warm waters, golden sandy beaches, luxurious afternoons at the spa.you get the picture!

Indulge in a bit of snorkelling and marvel at the varied, colourful marine life in Malta. Go diving to experience the beauty of a hidden water world. Or hire a boat and go sailing around the Archipelago.

In addition to this, Malta's scenery & architecture provide a striking backdrop to any honeymoon album with their honey coloured stone buildings against the deep blue sea. Add the rosy hues of a setting sun and you have a heady mix of romance & culture!

Beautiful Baroque & Renaissance buildings abound in the capital city of Valletta and the medieval walled city of Mdina. Although just a short flight from the UK, you will feel like you are a million miles away from anywhere!

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