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Malta Entertainment

Malta Entertainment

The Maltese love to go out and have fun. Whether you are on the streets of Valletta, at one of the seaside cafs in St. Julian's or indeed anywhere else, one thing you will notice is that after dark the Maltese come to life. As a relatively small and populous country, there is a friendly, vibrant feel to the entertainment scene and the Maltese love to relax and unwind with friends in the throng of bars and clubs that can be found in most major urban areas.

In terms of live music, you will find a huge variety on offer for such a small country. Traditional Maltese music is played in local cafs and bars (including the ancient way of folk singing known as "ghana"), but you will also find many pop and rock acts (often covers bands) and a burgeoning jazz scene which culminates in the annual Malta Jazz festival. In addition, many major global artists do perform in Malta (particularly during the summer months) so it is always worth checking in advance to see if there is anything on during your stay,

As a small, island nation, theatre and dance performers struggle to make a living as professionals, however, there is a popular amateur scene with many theatre and dance companies putting on performances at local theatres throughout the country. Your hotel or local guide would be able to help you find out what it is on during your stay.

What is of more interest to the average British tourist, however, is the restaurant, nightlife and clubbing scene. The Maltese love to dress up and go out. Restaurants and bars are packed from early evening although unlike in the UK (and more typical to the Mediterranean), the Maltese tend to eat and go out later. You can of course eat well just about anywhere in Malta and there are a wide range of restaurants to choose from from local Maltese cuisine to international favourites such as Italian, Thai, Indian and many, many more. There is also no shortage of bars in the towns and cities throughout Malta offering anything from an authentic local experience to tacky Irish pubs. In terms of clubs, Malta has a popular and growing club scene. Many major international DJs play in clubs in Malta in the summer months so it is well worth keeping an eye out for billboards and local newspapers if you want to catch one of these popular club nights.

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