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Getting Around Malta

Getting Around Malta

Malta International Airport is located approximately 10km from the capital at Valletta. Taxis are available from outside the airport 24/7 and run on a fixed charge you can even pre-pay for a taxi inside the terminal building. Depending on your final destination and the number of people travelling, taxis can be an affordable and convenient option. There are bus services running from the airport to Valletta and a "round island" bus (number 8) which stops at many other towns on the island.

Public transport is efficient and good value for money in Malta and links most places of interest. The bus network is extensive and fortunately given the size of Malta, the longest point to point journey is a mere 50 minutes (the average trip being 20-30 minutes). Buses show the destination/route on the front. There are several buses which do a circular route of the island although most are point to point services. Bus drivers are generally friendly and willing to answer questions. In Gozo, buses run a circular route of the island.

There is a tourist train (a road train - not on rails) operated by Melita trains which runs tours of the tourist towns of Mdina, Mtarfa and Rabat. The tours last around 30 minutes and cover 8km.

Taxis in Malta are white and can pick up passengers from any place (you can hail a cab if you see one) except for bus stops. Unlike the fixed rates available travelling to and from the airport, it is best to discuss and agree the fare before taking a taxi.

Ferries run regularly to both Gozo and Comino from the ferry terminal at Cirkewwa (both for foot and car passengers). The trip to Gozo takes around 30 minutes and offers some great photo opportunities to get shots of all three islands.

As in the UK, driving is on the left in Malta making it easier and more familiar for the British tourist. The speed limit is 80km/h on larger roads and 50km/h in towns and cities. Whilst cautious driving will help to avoid accidents, it is worth noting that roads are very busy given the population density and the Maltese drivers are not known for their patience!