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Malta Special Events

Given Malta's geographic location, the Maltese tend to have to be self-sufficient in terms of their events and festivals. This, coupled with a strong national and cultural identity, means that there is usually a festival going on somewhere near you at any given time. Probably the most important of these are the town "festas" which take place in local towns and villages at different times of the year to honour the local patron saint. In the summertime you can see a festa being set up or taken down most days!

As Malta is a predominantly Roman Catholic society, it is perhaps not surprising that Christmas and Easter are widely celebrated and long-standing traditions observed. This not only serves to reaffirm the faith of the Maltese but is an important reinforcement of family, social and cultural bonds that stretch back for generations.

As well as the festas and religious holidays, there are a growing number of other festivals that take place in Malta. These include the above-mentioned Malta Jazz Festival, the Malta Arts Festival, the Malta Fireworks Festival, Notte Bianca and Mediterranea (which takes place in Gozo), amongst many others.

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