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Family Fun in Malta

Family Fun in Malta

Malta is a pleasant, friendly, warm and welcoming country which is safe and generally trouble-free. It is therefore an ideal place for family holidays and as well as the obvious twin attractions of sun and sea, there is much on offer for families.

A good place to start might be the twin parks of "Splash and Fun" and "Mediterraneo Marine Park" at White Rocks. As the name suggests, Splash and Fun has many water slides, pools, and chutes as well as a dinosaur park! The nearby Mediterraneo Marine Park has a wide range of animals and marine life with various shows taking place throughout the day. You can even swim with the dolphins if you are brave enough!

Popeye's Village at Anchor Bay offers a unique experience for young and old alike. Built in 1980 as the set of the film Popeye (starring Robin Williams), you can now visit the village, enjoy the amusement park, take a boat ride, get something to eat, buy souvenirs or simply just take some very bizarre photos of the colourful and unusual houses on the set.

Joker's Family Fun is an amusement and entertainment complex in Baystreet. Covering 1300m it offers traditional arcade and amusement type machines, soft play areas for younger kids and many other events and activities that will entertain young and old alike.

One thing to remember when holidaying with the family in Malta is "sunscreen"! Malta is generally quite hot during the summer months and the strong southern Mediterranean sun can be challenging for the paler British skin types. Our advice is always to apply sin screen before you leave your hotel as it is more effective this way.