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Introduction to Malta

Malta is an island unlike no other. At the beating heart of the Mediterranean, it has an eclectic mix of influences passed down through millennia - from the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Sicilians to the French British and even the Knights of St. John. These influences have left an indelible mark on Malta, its language, culture and customs. Very few places have such a unique charm as this ancient island nation...

With a unique language (with significant North African and Arabic influences), cuisine from Sicily and all sorts of historical quirks passed on from the varied inhabitants of this island, few European countries have such concentrated history, architecture and of course beaches in such a small area.

Made up of the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino, there are any number of different holiday choices to be had. We will try to make your choice easier by giving you a run-down on what you can expect from each area.

Malta is also home to Popeye Village. Remember the 1980 film? Well the set remained and is now a fun tourist attraction.

With year-round events from music festivals and half-marathon runs to classical orchestral concerts and theatrical productions to enjoy, there are plenty of reasons to visit this amazing country.

Choosing your holiday accommodation is one of the most important decisions you can make. We have gathered together some recommendations for you.