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Health & Safety in Malta

        Fact: Being surrounded by water, Malta, Gozo and Comino offer a beach to suit every demand from it sun worshippers to windsurfers.

Tap water is safe to drink throughout Malta although you will find that bottled water is also widely available and consumed.

There are pharmacies throughout Malta which generally open during the normal shopping hours. On Sundays, there is a rota system of opening hours. Local newspapers or hotels would have more information on which would be your closest open chemists.

Malta is a very friendly and safe destination and thus most visits are trouble-free. As with anywhere in the world, however, it is worth taking sensible precautions just as you might at home.

Malta has a good health system with modern hospitals. All EU citizens may receive medical attention at no charge, or will be reimbursed for basic medical care received while on the island upon presentation of a EHIC Card, which must be obtained in your country of origin prior to travel. If you are unfortunate enough to have to seek medical help during your stay in Malta you can at least be assured of some very high standards of medical care. There are two general hospitals and several regional health centres all with modern, clean and efficient services.

* The main public hospital in Malta is: St Luke's Hospital, St Luke's Road, G' Mangia - TEL: + 356 2124-1251
* Chemists can be found throughout the islands
* Crime is generally very low in Malta
* We recommend taking travel insurance.
* The sun in Malta is strong - please wear sunscreen!

Emergency numbers: If you do need to contact the emergency services during your stay, you can reach them on the numbers below:
Police 191
Ambulance 196
Fire Service 199

Health & Safety in Malta